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Jessica Honor Carleton

847 877-5019


BS from Northwestern University

(degrees in Performance and Creative Writing for the Media)  


Height: 5’7”

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Body type: Slim



Atypical                                                     Co-star                                   Netflix  

Who Is America?                                      Co-star                                   Showtime

Chicago Fire                                             Co-star                                   NBC – Ep. 5, Season 2  “A Power Move”

Green Screen Adventures                        Series Regular 400+ episodes MeTV - National Network Chicago

Svengoolie                                                Various - four episodes         Weigel Broadcasting Co.


Bad Sister                                                 Supporting                          Lifetime 

The Kid                                                     Lead                                    Elephant Trunk Productions

Mermaid Down                                         Supporting                          Grellman Films- Feature 

Dissonance                                               Lead                                   USC Graduate Student Film

Monet                                                        Lead                                   Big Shoulders Productions

And Everything Nice                                  Lead                                  Broadcast on (PBS) Cricket                       


2010 - present

2010 - present

Cricket                                                       Principal                             Cap Gun Collective   

Prime Image Campaign (national spot)    Woman on Bench               THIStv          

Huron Consulting Group                           Lawyer                                Beverly Price Co.

NBC Social Media Spot                            Woman at Salon                  NBC


The Heart is a Lonely Hunter                   Mick Kelly                      Steppenwolf Theatre

In The Company of Men                          Christine                       Profiles Theatre (dir. Rick Snyder)

The Chicago One-Minute Play Festival  Pamela, Leslie Walker   Victory Gardens Theater

New Stages Series                                   Evie                              Goodman Theatre

Runaways, the Musical,                            Iggy                              Urban Theater Co.

Love Person                                             Vic*                              Victory Gardens Theater

Lost in Yonkers                                         Bella                            St. Patrick Summer Theater

Chekhov Stories: The Emerging Woman Nadya/Yelena             Piven Theatre (dir. Joyce Piven)

365 Plays/365 Days,                                Mystic/Ensemble           Piven Theatre

Power                                                      Louise*                         Remy Bumppo Theatre

This Property is Condemned                      Willie                             Library Theatre

Peeling                                                     Coral                             Storefront Theatre

Crippled Sisters                                         Evie                              Northlight Theatre, reading

Blithe Spirit                                               Ruth                            GreenMan Theatre

Over the River and Through the Woods  Caitlin                            Big Noise Theatre

Alchemy of Desire                                    Simone                         Northwestern University

Top Girls                                                  Pope Joan/ Kit/Shona  Northwestern University

Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged various                   Northwestern University

* understudy


AndersonVillians – long form improv ensemble       Improviser                    Playground Theatre

Del Close Improv Marathon                                   Improviser                     Abington Theatre, New York

Tricky Mickey                                                      Improviser                     Chris Farley Improv Fest St. Louis

Dr. Flux - Titanic Players                                      Improviser (3 year team) Northwestern University


BS from Northwestern University

(degrees in Performance and Creative Writing for the Media)  


Special Skills

Special Effects Makeup (2012 National Daytime Emmy winner, 2013 nomination)

American Sign Language (ASL,)  Dialects (RP, Cockney, various Southern, Russian, Irish etc.) Playwriting, Clowning, Storytelling, Puppet Design and performance, Teaching improv

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